a post that should not be written, #redballoonsforryan

Mothers shouldn’t have to grieve for their children. Beautiful families should never separated. And I shouldn’t have to write about a wonderful little boy who isn’t running and playing with his friends today because of a tragedy. But those things all have come to pass, it saddens me to say. It saddens thousands of us who have learned about the loss of a sweet young boy in California last week.

I hope you’ll take the time to visit Diary of an Addict to learn more about Ryan Cruz Saldana and share in the movement of remembrance and love which honors him and his family.  There are multiple ways to donate to the family to cover expenses, but if you cannot help financially you can still reach out to show you too are feeling their pain. Post about Ryan, share his beautiful red hair with the world and be grateful we had the chance to know him for even the briefest of moments.

Let the world see his bright light still shines for us. We’ll remember Ryan at our house on Mother’s Day and always. Blessings to you and yours. #redballoonsforryan @babyboybakery   @danno12


Ryan and family via Diary of an Addict

 More information on ways to contribute financially within this news article, such as a GoFundMe page and the ThriveMom blog were you can also use paypal to donate.

One of my favorite jewelry artists, Lisa Leonard, has made a necklace in honor of Ryan and I am planning on preordering a Ryan tshirt, isn’t it sweet?


We took some balloons to the park for Ryan yesterday.   I am not a balloon releaser because of wildlife so we played with them until they popped!