a handmade mobile and a boy bedroom that is not a boy bedroom

When I was expecting we chose not to find out the gender of either of the boys. Not one of my overly organized family & friends could understand. How would I plan their rooms? Buy their layette? I had no idea what a layette was. Well, it turned out that they were very close in age, so we elected to redo our master into one larger room for both boys to sleep and play in.  We live in a historic home and the master bedroom is just whatever is the largest bedroom anyway. Even if I had known I would have two boys I never would have planned a one gender room. I wanted something calm and that I wouldn’t hate spending time in myself (I can only take so much bright, cartoonish color). We decided on a seaside theme, but nothing so overtly ocean that the rocking horse couldn’t fit. I also like vintage, and pillows, and quirky things that don’t always look traditionally “boyish”.  The room is always evolving, but I am glad I didn’t bow to pressure of dinosaurs and toy trains- yet. I finally took down a baby mobile that we had for both babies (garish but lively) and made my own, and the boys think it’s fabulous. It could be that they usually help when I am making salt dough ornaments. And by help I mean heckle and make a mess.  Here’s a peek at our boys’ room. Hope you’ll come on in, the water is fine!

areads bmobile2

 Salt dough ornaments and found wood from our front lawn.


  bmobile   boysroom   fish

Little man likes the couch and the ipad to relax a bit


felt art over the diaper changing table…

felt_crab_art_kids   smile

Guess who ends up in this bed? Yes. All three of us.


I free handed the starfish and used a cookie cutter for the fish



fish_mobile handmade_rug_thrifted
  • Homemaker Mom

    That is an amazing room. You did a great job! I am so happy to of found you via #sitsblogging

  • http://www.storiessongsandpraise.com Brittany SSP

    Cute! I will definitely find out the sex if I get pregnant (can’t imagine referring to something living in me as “it”) but I think I will do a fairly gender-neutral nursery- what if I have more than one & don’t feel like redoing EVERYTHING? While I’m not big on white myself, I love that you have it in a kids room. There are so many “rules” about what NOT to do and how kids make everything super messy- nice to see someone buck that. That brown & blue wall decor with the turtle & octopus is amazing, btw!

    • http://inourhappyplace.com/ Marie P

      you know, white is sometimes easier to clean because of bleach! but the rugs probably are going to give me a headache one day.

  • http://www.eatsleepmarket.com/ AnnEhnert

    Love all of the details! Looks so cozy + those built-ins are perfection.