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konmari put $1000 back in my pocket, make some money from your purges.


I’ve been on a konmari journey for almost a year and it has really changed the way I shop and declutter. Am I completely organized in every room in my house? Alas, no. It’s a struggle to keep up the good fight and if you came over unexpectedly you would not be allowed to walk into half of the rooms. Having children means the clutter… Read more »

konmari closet purge. a 6 month checkup


A little over six months ago I read the book by Marie Kondo that has taken the world of clutterbugs by storm.  I have to say that while my entire house has not made it to kondo level organization, my closet has. In fact, the picture below was after my first big konmari purge, and I can spot several items that went to thrift, consignment… Read more »

7 ways konmari can help you through the Christmas shopping season


I always go into my Christmas shopping with the intention of purchasing things for loved ones for the holidays, not for myself. But…as I shopped in Target on Black Friday this year (for the kids, for the kids) it was hard not to notice the sales on clothing, shoes, scarves…for me.  I won’t say I didn’t give into temptation (black plaid shirt), but thanks to the… Read more »

this is my closet on konmari. really.


As I read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up a lot of things resonated with me as someone who is a collector yet despairs in the clutter that quickly ensues.  I did a lot of things that author Marie Kondo did as she was growing up. I too loved the idea of organizing, rearranging, and making things neat. I gave things to my younger… Read more »

bookshelves with personality, a checklist


Are you are fortunate enough to have bookshelves in your home?  Lucky you, with an opportunity to put on display your personality along with some handy storage. I am always amazed at people who don’t seize upon the space bookshelves offer to parade the best of their passions and possessions and instead herd various objects haphazardly across wooden planks.  Arranging your bookshelves to display what… Read more »