7 ways konmari can help you through the Christmas shopping season

I always go into my Christmas shopping with the intention of purchasing things for loved ones for the holidays, not for myself. But…as I shopped in Target on Black Friday this year (for the kids, for the kids) it was hard not to notice the sales on clothing, shoes, scarves…for me.  I won’t say I didn’t give into temptation (black plaid shirt), but thanks to the konmari closet cleanout I did this summer, I kept my shopping to a minimum because I already know what I have and what I might need. O’kay fine, I don’t need anything, but for a well rounded closet I could use a few specific things. Konmari has helped me control my shopping urges quite a bit (and they are some big urges if I am in the midst of a great sale), here are 7 ways I know konmari will help me kick the Christmas shopping frenzy of years past so I can buy what I will really use and love.


1. When you konmari a space like your closet, you gather all “like” items and decide what you will be keeping. What you do keep will stay grouped with like so that you can see what you have. I had so many pairs of jeans and black work slacks I could have started a boutique. I would only buy a new pair of either if I committed to giving up a pair in my closet.

2. I added up the cost of the items I gave away to charity because they weren’t used often enough and took up too much space…it was depressing. On an upnote, the inseason items I could take to consignment did give me a small return on their initial investment. I often use consignment to clear out, but my konmari purge resulted in much bigger checks. Those totals that I spent needlessly are often in my head while shopping.

3.  Konmari-ing the closet meant I really touched every item, so I have a better idea of what’s in my wardrobe. And if I am prone to forgetting, like in the case of less used winter items, I can snap a few pictures and carry my phone as I shop.

4. The organized space allowed me to finally do what millions of cloest organizers recommend, make a list of what I need and try to stick to it. For me, that’s shirts and undergarments, and the occasional new dress. I don’t need anything else right now. ESPECIALLY coats (it’s shameful).

Here’s what I say to myself after working in my closet…


5. Marie Kondo wants those tags in the trash. Do you have items in the closet that have never been worn, with tags hanging on them? That’s a konmari NO. Keeping those tags is like hedging your bet… I bet I can take it back. Or, I bet it will sell at consignment better if I leave the tags on it. While the latter is true, why are you allowing it space in your closet if you don’t like it enough to wear it, and soon? While I am shopping I know that I can’t buy items I am not willing to snip off tags and USE.

6. If you truly embrace the konmari experience and honor each item’s place in your life, you won’t want to grab new items for no reason at all. If I have acknowledged how well my purse is serving my needs, and taken care of it, I won’t replace it for the first cute bag that I see in the store. I am far more thoughtful about a commitment to caring for and storing a new item.

7. Storage…Americans never have enough. Once your closet has room to breathe you are very careful about taking away that extra space you diligently created.  It took me more trash bags full of clothes than I can count to create a more serene space. No cute little Christmas sweater, even one in a blue I really love,  is worth that work again.

Have you had a konmari experience yet? What’s your Christmas shopping battle plan against over-buying this year?

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