31 happy days… go get sweaty


Yes, I said it. Want to feel a happy boost in the midst of a hectic, stressful day? Get your heart rate up and look sweaty doing it.  This isn’t news is it?  You’ve heard it, you know you should exercise, but we are all busy people.  I have never known life to get so much easier I suddenly find an hour to exercise without sacrificing something, but it pays off.

I’ve been an ardent exerciser for years and kept it up right through pregnancy number one and my first son’s toddlerhood. Then I got pregnant again and it became much more of a challenge. I wasn’t just fighting the fatigue of pregnancy to go to the gym, I had to leave a toddler who didn’t understand why I need the time to myself. So I tried to walk while pushing him in the stroller. I challenged myself to try new routes, to climb hills, to lunge in the middle of the street until people stared. Then my pregnancy advanced and the doctor discouraged exercise (the second pregnancy was just a bit more difficult for me). What happened without the workouts? I got sick and easily overwhelmed…my body needed that exercise to handle life. As soon as I was cleared for working out after my second csection I tried very hard to get back in the exercise groove. I am still trying.

Exercise is proven to combat depression and anxiety, making you able to appreciate happy little things all day long. As part of mu postpartum recovery program it helped me cope with everything on my plate. So I am taking my own advice, closing the browser, and tying on the tennis shoes. See you on the trail?


This post is part of the 31 blogging days of October.