31 happy days- enjoy the everyday

It’s now Saturday night, and I’ve spent the day doing laundry, vacuuming, and the usual hustle of a weekend house cleaning after a busy week. Some weekends I really hate doing all of these chores when I should be relaxing and playing with the fam. So today in an effort to stay in my happy train of thought I tried to ENJOY the chores.

I can’t tell you that I enjoyed cleaning the bathroom, the cat litter, or the dishes…but I like changing the sheets because I made the boys help me. Well, they were really in the way, but the giggling did make me smile.

I tried to enjoy doing the mountainous piles of laundry because I love looking at all of the cute little clothes my boys wear. And I succeeded more than half of the folding time.

And I liked vacuuming because I am a little crazy and OCD and the carpets always look so much nicer. See? Why can’t they stay like that for more than ten minutes? Oops- not happy train of thought.

I am a believer in the attitude of gratitude though it can be a struggle when faced with our daily stress load. What are you grateful for today? Join the movement.

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