31 days of happy little things


The Nester is once again sponsoring 31 days of blogging in October. Click here to learn all about the 31 days and the fabulous themes bloggers have chosen to share. There’s something for everyone from fashion to food and cleaning to calming down. I am going to make a 31 day effort to blog about why I started this blog… happiness. Check back with me when you can this month to see some short and sweet posts on bringing little spots of happiness to your day. I won’t be searching for the magic, elusive elixir to solve all of our problems. I don’t claim to have it, though this month I think it’s connected to having enough rest. (#igetnosleep)

I will be looking for a way to brighten my day, my family’s day, and yours… and I’d love to hear about things that work for you!

 wear what makes you happy!

enjoy the everyday

I get sweaty, I beat the blues

writing and receiving letters, a happy thing

baking happiness in the form of cupcakes

the joys of writing and receiving letters

happy things in the morning

crafting with acorns

sing a song, eat a cupcake

give to others, receive in return

lazy halloween costumes

making memories dressing my kids up, a happy thing

saying thank you