3 things we learned rescusing feral kittens, a happy project


This is Saturday, our little once-feral kitten. The house across the street is currently empty and a feral mama cat has taken up residence. I’ve taken in three of the four kittens, but am having a hard time catching the last one. These three hissed and spat at me when I grabbed them, but within one day they were easy to handle and eating just fine. I did wear a glove the first days of handling. Feral kittens are easiest to tame when you get them before they turn completely wild and mistrusting of humans.  They only needed KMR for a few days because they were old enough to eat kitten food. These are from the same litter, but only one of them looks like mama, the daddy is a Siamese mix.  They’ve all been to the vet for basic care and so I knew we’ve done a good job taking care of them. They are very friendly and loving and I hate to see them go. We learned a lot about little wild kittens this month. It’s kitten season so you may see an opportunity to help too.

IMG_08631. Kittens need a small safe place to start off before they are ready for the whole house. I used a large dog kennel to keep them in one place, litter train them (it was instant), and so I knew where they were. If you let them out in your whole house too soon you won’t be able to potty train as easily and larger spaces make them nervous. We used a kennel, then the bathroom, then the house. That is Saturday in her kennel below…
feral_kitten_siamese_22. Check them for fleas and wash as soon as they are more trusting of you. Make sure that you use a very gentle soap and keep them very warm after bath. Most soaps and shampoos are too harsh. Ivory liquid is one we tried with success. Getting rid of fleas can prevent other health problems like anemia and tapeworms (not to mention those are expensive to treat). Don’t use just any flea treatment from a store on young kittens, get one from a vet or one your vet recommends that is available from a pet supply chain.


3. Many feral kittens may have health problems related to the food mama is hunting and sharing. To be safe, make sure you visit a vet when you can and isolate from your own pets until you know they are not contagious. We were very lucky with our three because they were negative for all the issues they were tested for by our vet.

We are looking for homes for them, so if you are in the Central Texas area and want a sweet furry friend, please let me know. I wish we could keep all three but we only wanted to make sure they had loving homes and plenty to eat instead of life in a wild colony.
feral_kitten_siamese_5 feral_kitten_siamese_1
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    Feral kittens are most straightforward to tame when you get them before they turn totally wild and doubting of people. It’s cat season so you may see a chance to help as well. Cats require a little safe place to begin off before they are prepared for the entire house. Numerous wild cats may have medical issues identified with the nourishment mom is chasing and sharing.

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    The kittens look so sweet, and I think it’s wonderful you were able to take them in and care for them. Hope they all find loving homes soon!
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