back to school means back to breakfast at the crack of dawn

September 2, 2014 by: Marie P
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Last week was my little man's first week of a real preschool. I was in a total panic. Would he eat breakfast early in the morning? Would he get hungry in the middle of school and not know how to ask for his snack? Would he cry? Would I stop crying? Ever? I was thrilled to see him march into school the first day like he owned it. And though the breakfast may have helped him just a bit, it helped me more to do something special for him. Here are three of our breakfast treats to get him up and going for the day. Cookie cutters are my best breakfast friend. How's your back to work or school going? plane

firstdayend of day one, like a boss.

toast2Nutella toast with blueberries & powdered sugar, I usually post the Nutella food fun on my instagram.

biscuitsMonogrammed sprinkle biscuits: I made my own "A" template with cardboard from a cereal box and laid it on the biscuits before baking. Sprinkle the sprinkles and bake! We are always practicing letters, but these are also his initial. See other adventures in custom sprinkle shapes here.

ftoastI used warm yogurt for dipping and a little fruit because I doubt he'll eat a balanced lunch most days.

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it’s still summer, what a bummer

September 1, 2014 by: Marie P
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Summer may officially be at a close, but it's way too hot here in this part of Texas to turn away a sundress. I'll be taking these out of the closet for another month at least.  Long summers make it hard to prepare your closet for fall styles and colors, I am ready to wear some plaid wool but I am still wearing cotton floral. I'll be trying my best to work in a little fall where I can, like a darker bag, print or shoe, but it takes some fall ingenuity to walk the seasons wardrobe tightrope round here.  I am so jealous of my northern friends who are about to wear scarves and sip pumpkin lattes!  What are you wearing this week? A little more summer or a fall kickoff outfit? floral_gap_dress_vintage_hat_b  

floral_gap_dress_vintage_hatsundress/gap  clogs/lotta  hat/vintage  bag/brighton




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make a muffin pretty, yes even a box mix muffin

August 28, 2014 by: Marie P
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Sometimes you want to use a box cake or muffin mix, but you don't want your mother in law or the PTA moms to know. Make some faux fancy muffins and no one is the wiser. These tricks don't take more than a minute or so and you can pretend you were trying some Starbucks pinterest hack all along…instead of mixing that box and watching reality television under a laundry pile. I live a glamorous life.

Add some fruit!

Apple cinnamon muffin (box) with fresh apple pieces added to mix and on top as muffin is baking. Add some extra cinnamon and powdered sugar to fancily. muffin1

Cover the ugly muffin…

This is a chocolate chip banana nut muffin that was a bit beaten up coming out of the oven. Can't tell, can you?  I didn't want anyone to see a mangled muffin on the plate. Watch the gif below to see how I covered my mistake.



Make a fun shape on top…

  Use a small cookie cutter to hold sprinkles in a shape before baking and you'll have the shape when the baking is done!


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