pumpkin chocolate pumpkin cakes.

October 23, 2014 by: Marie P
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Two things I love, pumpkins and chocolate! They came neatly together (and easily) when I made these mini-bundt cakes. I used the diet smart trick of adding a can of pumpkin to a box mix for flavor without the calories of eggs and oil. Then I mixed pumpkin puree with powdered sugar, vanilla, and a smidgen of butter for a glaze that matched. Super easy, fairly low calorie, and seasonally fun. Life is better with cute chocolate, right?  What are you mixing up? pc   pumpkin  



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boho day, but with a preppy vintage bag

October 22, 2014 by: Marie P
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I suppose if you were planning a bohemian kind of day with a hippy, comfy dress you should have appropriate accessories. Perhaps you might switch your vintage designer handbag for one with fringe, hemp or recycled plastic. But it just goes to show you that my wardrobe vibe changes with the slightest mood swing- and it doesn't wait for me to match my bag. I still like my outfit, it just shows I am eclectic. And thrifty. And possibly moody and unorganized. But I am concentrating on the more positive adjectives in the list. Does your outfit vibe match head to toe, or are you sporting a mixed message sometimes too? boho  


Peasant dress via street fair/ booties via Zulily /handmade acorn necklace




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I have decided that plaid is a neutral

October 20, 2014 by: Marie P
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I am adopting a new stance that plaid is a neutral during the season of fall and possibly through January 1.  Almost every time I pick it up I smile, so it's an all around easy to pair pattern when I like a dash of happy in my outfits.  Of course, I know there are neutral loving types or leopard print fanatics who don't agree with me.  I can admit that maybe I am over-thinking the attributes of plaid and should acknowledge the fact that most people seem to think it's best for lumberjacks or Christmas outfits. After watching last night's Walking Dead episode I realized that I spend far too much time looking for plaid clothes and not enough time stockpiling food. I would be useless in the zombie apocalypse.  But if the survivors wanted enough plaid to dress everyone for Christmas they could stop by my house. What pattern do you think should be in the neutral category even though your grandmother would never agree?

plaid_scarf_black_and _white_dress




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