a tiny spider man, because they aren’t just for halloween.

October 30, 2014 by: Marie P
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The boys have seen lots of spider decor this Halloween season, and I know that they'll miss them once the scary tarantula decorations have been packed away. A spider tshirt hits the spot once Halloween is in our fall rear-view mirror! We are also learning the American Sign Language sign for spider this month so that we are official spider enthusiasts. As long as they are outside of the house… What creepy crawlies are you making today? spider_painted_tshirt  




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caught pumpkin sweatered

October 29, 2014 by: Marie P
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This is one of my favorite walls to blogument my outfit finds. I like the bold background so I visit now and then to take some pictures. While I was smiling awkwardly two people ambled by and one guy stopped and stared. And laughed at me- er with me? I suppose to him finding a perfect fit Halloween sweater at the thrift store last summer was just no big deal, but for me? It's like Halloween serendipity. Hallowdipity? Perhaps I should limit invented words to one or two a post, just in case Webster's is watching. What fun sweatered antics are you up to? pumpkin_sweater   orangesweater    


yellowbox shoes/dooney bag


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dia de los muertos bracelet

October 28, 2014 by: Marie P
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My latest bracelet was made for a friend to celebrate Dis de los Muertos in a colorful way. It has a few skulls but even more flowers because they both are present in traditional celebrations of the Day of the Dead.  To make a bracelet like this more memorable you can add odd earrings and charms that belonged to people you want to remember, especially if they have a vintage flair that makes you smile. Other charms I added are listed below. Off to make something new, what are you creating today? dia_de_los_muertos_bracelet


a vintage button like ones she remembers from childhood, an angel, a vintage drink and new candy charms, handpainted flower beads and a sun for all of the flowers throughout the bracelet


sharing at cozy little house and twirl and take a bow

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