back to school breakfast continued

September 11, 2014 by: Marie P
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Here are a few more of our back to school breakfasts. I think anything that makes getting up and ready for school a little easier is worth its weight in maple syrup. Right?  Breakfast is one of our favorite quiet (ish) times together.  Everyone is easier to please at breakfast at our house, just a cookie cutter can make my preschool guy's day. And I think the breakfast sandwich with a biscuit below is the ultimate fast food from your own house breakfast. What breakfast tricks do you have up your apron sleeve? breakfast   breakfast_sandwich_fast

I make biscuits the night before for a busy morning. When it's bright and early again I toast one, and microwave an egg in a bowl.  The eggs are perfectly poached in one minute. I sprinkle cheese and give the hubs a breakfast to go...

gingermen_pancakesJust pancakes and honey!

gingermencan you see the little tie I made for the pancake shirt?


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bodycon vs. bodyselfcon

September 10, 2014 by: Marie P
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I am always willing to try a trend or former trend turned "everyone has one but me" style. But I do know myself pretty well, and bodycon has never been a top priority for my closet. I have only this dress in that category. This is why. I want to wear a blazer over anything bodycon to avoid any attention to areas I usually cover with something...anything. Clingy is just not for me. This dress is in my thank you but it's time for the thrift shop pile. But you can't say I don't try new things! Well, with the exclusion of very spicy foods, cheap pedicures, and food from street vendors in Mexico. What are you reluctant to try in your closet?   bcon.dress     bcon   5bodycon

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making things, pancakes & paint

September 9, 2014 by: Marie P
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Things made...brown paint for a popscicle shirt, pancakes, and a fun kit for the sandbox. They all equaled a pretty nice late summer day. I was out of brown paint and wanted to make the littlest man a shirt- so I used what I had at hand. Mixing my dark green and red paints gave me a nice chocolate brown. And while the shirt was drying from its first wash, we had a nice breakfast of chocolate chip banana pancakes. That left us prepping for the park. Last month was the perfect time to get beach toys at clearance prices. I put several different beach varieties in a tote that I leave in our car for sandbox visits. The clutter of the bag is worth the hours of play we get out of it. What did you make today? popscicle_shirt_handpainted



painted_ice_cream_bar_shirt   b_pop_shirt

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