valentine mini piñata candy rockets


Who doesn’t love to make a fun little rocket to entertain yourself on a sunny day outside? We made a few for some special Valentine treats for friends this week and stuffed them with goodies.

Play with your little rocket, crash it, eat candy. Win for everyone! See our rocket making tips below. Happy valentine’s day from our little happy place.
valentine piñata

Use paper towel rolls cut in half, wrap them in construction paper or even fun wrapping paper. To make the tip of the rocket cut a circle. Cut the circle almost in half and twist until you have a cone. Use a low temp glue gun for easiest hold- but fill with candy before you close it up at both ends. Let the rockets fly for mini piñatas! IMG_1492valentine piñata rocketship_valentineIMG_1526linked with craftastic monday link party

of new beginnings and old friends


I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. –Gilda Radner It’s beyond busy at our happy place, and sometimes a sad busyness it’s been. We are saying goodbye to our first home and hello to a new (old) one. Our first house is a historic home… Read more »

finding feathers, our gallery wall project


We are preparing a gallery wall for one of the little guys’ rooms, and I am determined to make it affordable and made up of things he loves.  On some of our walks around the neighborhood we collect nature’s findings; leaves, acorns, and even feathers.  The boys found several feathers and we framed our favorites with a newly painted thrift store frame.  My gallery wall project… Read more »

diy earring organization


I am always forgetting to add earrings when I rush out of the door in the morning. Most of my jewelry storage is neatly away in drawers which may be why I never remember them. While I don’t want all of my earrings out on display, I thought I’d create a storage option to hang near the closet door so that I would at least have… Read more »

dino night glow terrariums


We have a million tiny toys that get stepped on and lost, most of them dinosaurs. For some rainy day weekend fun we painted rocks and the dines in glow in the dark paint and allowed to dry overnight.  There’s always and extra jam or sauce jar we can repurpose, and in this case one fish bowl. These could be wildly colorful or more muted depending… Read more »