muffin surprise

June 23, 2015 by: Marie P
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The surprise is that this basic morning muffin mix can change up & impress the fam at the drop of a hat... or a chocolate chip as the case may be. I love adding new things each time to tweak it and surprise the littles. We had these this morning and I was inspired to share with you. What would you add for a fun morning? IMG_6476   IMG_6473  


sprinkle some oatmeal before you bake for a healthy topping


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our quick and easy love your dad father’s day tshirt

June 19, 2015 by: Marie P
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I used some "Mom" tattoo art as inspiration to make this shirt for my little man to wear this father's day. I sketched out the heart and ribbon on white paper, then slid it inside the shirt to retrace before I painted. I like to keep a barrier inside the shirt as I paint in case I go a little heavy on paint and it seeps a bit. What are your father's day duds like this year?




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wearing a home ec project

June 15, 2015 by: Marie P
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One of the neat things about thrifting in small towns is finding a homemade dress that someone made years ago and most likely never wore. And why ever not? Perhaps it is the overly sweet pink and lace collar combined?  I am fearless, and will try anything once...or even twice. The inside of the dress tells the story of careful seams and attempts at designing a dress I could never have made on my own! I love handmade treasures, now to find that stash of sculptures from the art class... IMG_6396   IMG_6421b   IMG_6408


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