penguins, painted tshirts, and resolutions

January 29, 2015 by: Marie P
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I made more of a promise to myself than a resolution this year. When I get too busy I leave the crafting behind and then I miss it terribly...which can result in crazed glue gun binges. I have to get the crafty urges out a little at a time to stay happily productive. I promised myself I'd devote time and space to make a mess now and then, and enjoy it. Both of my boys like penguins, and in our house being crazy about an animal usually means Mama will make a tshirt to celebrate it. So here's to the penguin of toddler dreams and a few tips for you if you're going to try one yourself!




drawing your penguin on paper and placing in under a white shirt front layer will allow you to peek and see the outline you are going to paint



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skipping school plaid

January 28, 2015 by: Marie P
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Plaid vintage blazer...perhaps next time I won't wear them together since I wasn't going for a private school uniform look. But for today, I'll take it because there was just the right amount of sunshine in the winter air to make me feel like skipping school. And any outfit with vintage plaid improves my mood almost as much as school skipping.  What reminds you of skipping school? Or was I the only one who did that weekly? IMG_4123     IMG_4103o

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weird collections turned jewelry

January 26, 2015 by: Marie P
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Some years ago I noticed a jewelry designer using vintage dog rabies tags in jewelry making and I unabashedly copied her by adding one to my own charm bracelet. I LOVE these.  People saw mine and asked about them, and I bought more. And more. But they are getting much harder to find. The tag I included in a recently made charm bracelet is from 1919. How amazing is that? What was getting shots for your pet like in 1919? I shudder to think... Then there are the vintage soda pop caps I started buying over ten years ago. I love the names of oldtime sodas and that the caps were lined in cork! Cork, seriously? So now that I have confessed, what oddity have you seen added to jewelry that made you smile? (Did you enter my charm bracelet giveaway yet?) IMG_4082

 8 cat charms/beads, two fish, a butterfly, frog, sun, dragonfly, handpainted mouse bead, bird charm


wooden milk bottle charm, vintage soda pop top charm,  Noah's ark charm, hearts, flowers and more...

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