diy earring organization

I am always forgetting to add earrings when I rush out of the door in the morning. Most of my jewelry storage is neatly away in drawers which may be why I never remember them. While I don’t want all of my earrings out on display, I thought I’d create a storage option to hang near the closet door so that I would at least have a few to choose from as I dash away.earring_hanger_DIY_Storage

You can find these little wooden blocks at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. I have a thing for green, so I spray painted them and added a favorite instagram picture (the wooden squares are the perfect size).  I added jewelry components by hot gluing them to the back of the block. I could have made the extensions a bit shorter but for ease of hanging I left them a little low. earring_holderearring_storageI tried a circle with sewing floss to hang them first..but changed my mind and redid the circle plaque for necklaces. It’s topped with a pretty illustration from a vintage book. Come back this week to see the necklace plaque ( I can be pretty lazy about jewelry on busy days).earring_diy_storage

dino night glow terrariums


We have a million tiny toys that get stepped on and lost, most of them dinosaurs. For some rainy day weekend fun we painted rocks and the dines in glow in the dark paint and allowed to dry overnight.  There’s always and extra jam or sauce jar we can repurpose, and in this case one fish bowl. These could be wildly colorful or more muted depending… Read more »

thrift store frame upcycle


Summer is over for us, and perhaps the back to school schedule will allow me to create as regularly as I’d like again. Starting small meant visiting the thrift store for National Thrift Store Day and finding this new frame in a color I hated. But at $4.00 and in good condition I decided to spray paint it a neutral color and place a scrap… Read more »

easiest ever black bean enchiladas


I finally had to turn the oven on the other day to make dinner. I’ve avoided it whenever possible. But since it’s so hot I still prefer veggies and less meat for dinner most evenings. You could add ground beef to this recipe, or even sub the beef for beans, but we are black bean friendly around here. This is a simple but great recipe… Read more »

simple summer pasta salad


Things that I don’t like: hot ovens for lunch or dinner during summer, olives, and complaints about dinner being late.  That’s why this pasta salad will be my friend until late September as the temps soar. I don’t include olives because they aren’t a fave of mine or the kids, but when I am making for someone else who loves them they are a nice… Read more »