happy earth day! sweet treats and our earth day tshirt

April 22, 2015 by: Marie P
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Every day should be earth day when you have small people at your house! We love the outdoors and animals and want to make sure they are here for his family when he's all grown up. We celebrated by making an earth day painted shirt and decorated rice krispie treats. In fact, we enjoyed both a little early with plenty of snacks left for the special day, too. Hope your earth day is full of wonders and love! painted_earth_Day_shirt     earth_day_tshirt

Tshirt painting: I usually draw my design on a piece of paper and if the shirt is white I place it inside the tshirt so that I can see the design as I paint. It's easy and quick, allowing you to be precise if you'd like. I prefer fun & whimsical more often.

rice_krispie_treats_earth_day   IMG_5992   IMG_6015

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blood, sweat and Lilly for Target

April 20, 2015 by: Marie P
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IMG_5939 Before I begin, I must explain what I believe to be my right to complain. I usually try to keep this space all about happy & more happy. You see, I am not just a shopper who saw the flashy Lilly ads and decided to get up (and drag along my children) to the Target store early Sunday morning. I am a long time Lilly Pulitzer and Target designer collaboration fan. Those of us who take both seriously clear our calendars and set our alarms for the events! And what did we get (again)? Crashed website, stores sold out ten minutes after opening, crashed website, online sell out once the site came up...and you get the picture.  I had to promise toys and buy them no matter what for the trip. I saw a few other flustered mothers in the same boat. And who bought the items we wanted? Other smarter shoppers? Sometimes, but mostly they were people out to make a buck on a popular item. If you'd like to see what was taken in huge quantities so quickly just hope on over to ebay where items are listed at three times the store price. Good job, Target, you are making new jobs for people by being bad at yours. IMG_5982   If stores had stuck to their guns on limiting number of items per person (no limits on the two stores I visited and the cashiers had no idea that Lilly was a "thing"), if the site would have given us a clear time to shop (it was vague) and if Target.com had been prepared that would have been nice. But nice we did not get. Irritable shoppers were plenty, though. Check store aisles, facebook and any other social media of your choice to find them. So why bother? I do love the pieces, they were well made and fairly priced. That's the only thing they did right.  Too bad I can't quit Target, but I think we are going on a break. How was your Lilly-gate?  

Lilly for Target top, sandals and scarf




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mushroom terrariums for earth day

April 16, 2015 by: Marie P
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I have a thing for cute little mushrooms. It started with the cookie canisters my parents had when I was young (just like these) and it's continued into everything from a tshirt to saltshakers. My kids think they are cute too, so we made some mushroom terrariums with salt dough and random jars. It also gave us a reason to collect ball moss in our yard as the terrarium base. A fun family day and terrariums are a great way to celebrate Earth Day next week! Happy mushrooming! IMG_5901


IMG_5919     IMG_6259_2

 I even made a necklace version!



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