cupcake turkey toppers and marshmallow pops


It’s become a tradition to roll out the marshmallow pops and cupcake toppers for holidays at our happy place. The little people love these over your fancy pumpkin pie any old day. After making turkey marshmallow pops I learned that they are better on top of a cupcake than on a stick.  They sit just right on a cupcake and you can overload candy corn without worrying about weight, which is an issue when your toddler waves the stick around in excitement.

Making turkey pops or cupcake toppers:
marshmallows, cut in half
m&ms or candy corn for feathers
icing (we make our own)
candy cupcake balls for the eyes
a toothpick
parchment paper
Warm your icing (ours is powdered sugar, cocoa, and milk) and dip half a marshmallow and a cookie. Allow them to set on parchment. Dip the balls for eyes into frosting to adhere to the marshmallow, add a tip of candy corn for a beak and a sliver of the twizzler for the snood. Draw the pupils with a toothpick. Add the candy corn and the stick on back with a dollop of frosting. Allow the whole turkey to set in the fridge for at least one hour before serving.IMG_8753linked with the inspiration board

autumn tiny tree cupcake toppers


 The orange leaves are just starting to show in my yard! So exciting I baked some cupcakes for the occasion and made tiny trees. I love autumn leaves so much I wear them, I put them on my children in crowns, and now I am topping friendsgiving cupcakes with them. If the idea of twigs in your cupcakes makes you cringe, insert the stick into a… Read more »

pumpkin cranberry cake (no, it’s not pumpkin spice)


 I love pumpkin in the fall, but I am totally over pumpkin spice. If it’s your thing, more pumpkin power to ya, but I prefer a natural unspiced pumpkin flavor to my mini bundt cakes. I can’t go so far as to say they are healthy, but I feel somewhat gratified to know I am eating a fruit and veggie in these. Happy harvest baking!… Read more »

smiling scarecrow marshmallow pops


One of the fun signs of fall, the humble scarecrow is a sweet little dessert pop for the kid in everyone.  Who doesn’t love anything with a carrot nose? These marshmallow pops are so easy to decorate they can be a kids’ table activity or you could have them ready so that the little people leave you alone to eat your pie in peace. I am such… Read more »

fall flowers, weekly worn


I love a vintage skirt that transitions into fall with perfectly autumn colors and costs less than a pumpkin latte at Starbucks.  And pairing vintage with anything from Hasbeens is a win. We are still flitting between temperatures for fall and summer so silk and layering is a lovely choice. Happy fall flowers, friends.