in search of Ms. Right Dress Right Now

July 23, 2014 by: Marie P
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Under the topic of bad timing… I bought this dress shortly after discovering I was pregnant with my second little muffin and rapidly forgot all about it in the midst of morning sickness. When I remembered, it didn't fit and was out of season. I lost some weight after having the muffin, but still not enough to wear the dress in that season. And I forgot about it again. I tried it on this week, and it fits! YAY. It's even a little big in some spots and could benefit from some tailoring.  I just can't seem to be the right combination of weight and season for this dress! Alas, it just makes me want to fill the void with another patterned and vintage inspired dress. I know there's one out there just waiting to be my Ms. Right Dress Right now. Until then I will pretend I meant to keep this in my closet unworn for almost three years. It's the cost of maintaing a closet of clothes with maternity weight fluctuations, and a cupcake/ice cream problem. I'd like to blame the baby but he didn't purchase all that ice cream in utero. How many varied sizes do you keep in a closet, friends?


Dress & Shoes previous season Target/Bag by Brighton



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approaching the too hot to care mark

July 21, 2014 by: Marie P
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I really shouldn't complain, we've had far worse summers. But when you are hauling small people around everywhere you go and you're worried about them overheating you just don't focus as much on planning the outfit. For instance, I planned to wear a long necklace and hat and was too irritable to remember them before we left the house. Because I was already sweating glistening. I am almost at the too hot to give a damn mark, which you know means workout clothes, ponytails, and possibly even a baseball hat on a really rough day. I hope I can hang on, and frankly I bet so do all the people I see at library storytime each week. But we exhausted, sweaty, back strained moms stick together so I am sure I won't be judged too harshly. For now I am trying to find every light, loose, comfy item in the closet for errand running days. How are you beating the heat friends? I didn't mention ice cream but that's understood, right?summer_white_outfit_hasbeens_clogs   IMG_7654

 blouse via Zulily/Hasbeens clogs/Brighton bag



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the cutest way ever to get your drink on, giveaway ends 8.10.14

July 20, 2014 by: Marie P
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The Little Vinylsaur is the love child of Jesica and her husband that started as a fun project and turned into a way of life! Jesica loves to  craft and design. Her lovely shop is full of fun colors and typefaces to create a mugs and tumblers that are wordy and witty even without graphics and was even featured by Glamour! I love all of the items from the shop below, but these are just some of the clever containers. Visit  the Vinylsaurs to see more! iusb_760x100.12615525_lxpy   "We use ceramic 12 ounce glossy black mugs and the highest quality outdoor vinyl adhesive to handcut all your images. All our products are made to order by me, and packed with care by my wonderful husband. As for Vinylsaur? I love Dinos, and it sounded cute!" Enter the giveaway to win a custom tumbler of your choice, and follow Jesica's creative endeavors to see what new designs she comes up with next!










 Anyone looking for a birthday gift for me? I am so into this Accio Coffee. Adorbs.



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