a fall handmade tic tac toe because we should be playing right now

To keep up the celebration of fall with the little people we made some painted rock tic tac toe pieces and played outside for a bit. It’s fun to play with fall pieces while basking in the fall breeze and sunshine. What made this set extra special is that we collected each rock on  a walk together.


painted_rock_tic_tac_toe painted with acrylics and sealed with clear coat


fall leaf celebrations, a tshirt for a little guy


We are nature collectors when we take a walk, which is so often that I need to think about composting all of the leaves we’ve brought home. You can do so many fun and educational things with them …at least until the dog chews them up or a toddler throws them all over the living room.  One of the crafts we came up with for our… Read more »

matching the leaves & wearing acorns


I am always thrilled when the first hint of fall hits the air, for us it was just last week. Of course by mid afternoon it’s springtime warm again, but oh I revel in the fall air for as long as it’s there! This dress is so plain and brown at any other time of the year, but in fall I feel as if I… Read more »

fall acorn gathering, crafting, and wearing


Every year I collect all kinds of acorns for the entire season. The first ones to fall are too green, the last ones are usually quite roughed up…but around October the best are falling all around us. Some of these are from my acorn stores (rather squirrelish on my part) but a few are from this season.  Nature walks with the family are the best times… Read more »

dressed for 1975 secretarial work


A dress that is over 40 years old made it through my konmari closet purge when things that still had tags from a department store did not. Strange, but true. Perhaps it’s the indestructible polyester blend fabric. But I think that its the easy fit and structure of a dress that was made before mass production of clothing. There were less choices then, so dresses had… Read more »