I have decided that plaid is a neutral

October 20, 2014 by: Marie P
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I am adopting a new stance that plaid is a neutral during the season of fall and possibly through January 1.  Almost every time I pick it up I smile, so it's an all around easy to pair pattern when I like a dash of happy in my outfits.  Of course, I know there are neutral loving types or leopard print fanatics who don't agree with me.  I can admit that maybe I am over-thinking the attributes of plaid and should acknowledge the fact that most people seem to think it's best for lumberjacks or Christmas outfits. After watching last night's Walking Dead episode I realized that I spend far too much time looking for plaid clothes and not enough time stockpiling food. I would be useless in the zombie apocalypse.  But if the survivors wanted enough plaid to dress everyone for Christmas they could stop by my house. What pattern do you think should be in the neutral category even though your grandmother would never agree?

plaid_scarf_black_and _white_dress




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spoils of fall

October 16, 2014 by: Marie P
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One of the best things about fall is the ability to harvest free & lovely home decor to celebrate the season. I have worn a fall corsage, eaten pumpkin treats, and made acorn charms for a necklace. But nothing compares to gathering the beauty of nature and putting it all on display. Here are some of the fall items I enjoyed finding on our family walks this month. Though last month's chinaberries are still some of my favorites they aren't as interesting as these bois d'arc fruit! Every time I find these and show them off I have a friend or two say they've never seen anything like them before. They are an interesting species, a great insect repellant and such a pretty color. The extra large bur oak acorns are fun finds too. I might even admit to a slight bit of trespassing to collect some. Any fall trespassing happening at your house? bdfruit




Bur oak acorns with ligustrum berries


Bois d'arc tree fruit



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patterns every fall

October 15, 2014 by: Marie P
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Fall brings patterns in nature and in my closet. I've had this vintage skirt for a few years, and every fall it makes its appearance with a pop of orange. I wonder if its previous owner did the same? That would mean that this skirt has seen its share of around 60 autumns and autumn styles. So many shoes, bags, and different tops...one skirt. It's like one of those annoying math problems I can't get out of my head. How many mix it math problems are you creating with your favorite fall patterns? vintage_skirt_orange  




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