making free gifs online, three ways for three things thursday

August 21, 2014 by: Marie P
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I like making gifs. I know that's a little silly, but sometimes the mood just strikes you. In fact, I did one for our birth announcement for our second son a couple of years ago! I used makeagif for that, but truth be told you can find some inappropriate gifs on there. If you don't want a nude surprise picture to pop up while you are on a gif making site you may want to go elsewhere. I decided to try a few different freebie sites to see what was new in the gif making world on the web. Here's some I liked.  My photos weren't sharp to begin with because of the movement but the gif making turns them grainier too. I apologize if you get dizzy, I chose a zippy speed.  Any gif making in your future? I love gifs in the fall, for holidays...I think you'll find some inspiration too if you look. output_ubtUO7

Gif Maker is super easy to use, and should you like to add music from you tube you can! This was my favorite because it was clean and easy to use and allowed for your preferred sizing.


I used the same pictures for the next gifs on two different sites. is easy to use too, but this is the maximum gif size available. has a limited size for your gifs with a free account, but you can use either video or photos and can add text.  There are only three text fonts available but you can pick colors to match your gif.

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I shouldn’t wear pink dresses but I bought one anyway.

August 20, 2014 by: Marie P
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I really think that pink clashes with my hair. I feel a little like Strawberry Shortcake, especially in this color pink. It's loud and silly and reminds me of cotton candy. So why did I buy this dress? It was vintage and thrifted. Those two combinations would most likely allow me to buy almost any dress that actually fit over my head. It's sad but true. This is the reason that my closet is now facing intervention time, an overflow of things that I couldn't leave behind because they are my shopping Achilles's heel.  What's your shopping weakness?   IMG_8838   IMG_8846   IMG_8907

 fall is my favorite, and the trees know it's coming even if it's hot!


vintage dress/hasbeen clogs/brighton bag/fall leaves=best accessories


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start with pretty flowers, keep them pretty longer

August 19, 2014 by: Marie P
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I love what flowers can do for a room. They are vital parts of so many special events in our lives!  From births, to weddings, to funerals flowers are a beautiful tradition that show our loved ones we are thinking of them. It's disappointing to send or receive flowers that aren't lovely at their delivery, or when they wilt too quickly. Here are almost free and old fashioned tips to keeping your blooms in tip top shape longer.


I love to use a unique or vintage vase. But first, start at the stem and use the right tool.

IMG_8536 Flowers should be cut on the diagonal with a knife, using scissors compresses the stem which doesn't encourage water to flow up. It's better to cut the stems and soak in lukewarm water rather than very cold or hot. If you are cutting stems and arranging for quite a while make sure that they are in backup water until they find their vase home. IMG_8535 While your fresh flowers will benefit from the florist crystals they came with, you may run out. Adding something you have at home and changing water out every other day will keep your flowers fresher longer. You have choices from items in your pantry. Add 1/4 tsp of bleach to a quart of water to deter bacteria growth.  Vodka (1tsp) can be used instead. While changing the water daily alone will help keep bacteria at bay using an antibacterial agent will keep your water cleanest. IMG_8540 If you have excess leaves below the water line they will only crowd the stems and encourage bacteria growth because they are a clustered, soggy mess. Trim any excess leaves and make sure that your stems have room in your vase to stand without being crushed against other stems. They need a little drinking room in addition to breathing room.  When you've settled them in their new home check to make sure they are away from direct heat, light from the sun, or blasts of air vents. Comfy flowers are longer living flowers. My flowers lasted for almost two weeks in beautiful condition, opening slowly and hardly wilting.


While you can prolong the life of flowers with a few simple tricks, starting out with fresh blooms is the key to weeks of gorgeous blooms in your home.I was invited to try a Bouqs bouquet recently and share with you to process of ordering and receiving these flowers. In a word: flawless.  This is the best bouquet I have ever ordered and received, and that includes a local flower shop option. The ordering process was simple, the prices extremely fair for the quality, and the delivery professional and carefully wrapped. Farm-direct super-fresh, premium flowers for any occasion is the best way to send flowers. IMG_8533  
The Bouqs bouquet came wrapped as if I was receiving crystal! So protected…and they came out of the box perfectly.

I received these lovely blooms for free in order to fairly review them for the blog, the opinions and post are my own.

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